Font Barca 2019-2020

Following the club’s first two preseason games, we’ve had a look at pictures from the game to give you a better look at the new club font ‘FC Barcelona Play’. Unfortunately and incomprehensibly, the font is not available online anywhere and can only be bought in the local official club stores.



The new Nike FC Barcelona 19-20 kit font features a more classy design than the league-wide La Liga typeface. The letters feature an edged design with a thin line, the numbers come with the Barca crest. Another difference is that the names of player are aligned straight and not on a curve as with the league font.


Here’s how Messi’s shirt will look like next season



Do you like that FC Barcelona is almost certainly set to have a bespoke typeface for cup matches, including the UEFA Champions League? Do you like the first look at the new custom FC Barcelona 2019-2020 jersey typeface? Share your thoughts in the comments below.